NGK and the Moebius Band

When I started working in creating an identity for my website, this my aim was to find a symbol that conceptualizes what I do. After a lot of discussions and exchange of ideas with people from different areas, more about and after hours and hours of searching, link I encountered the Moebius Band.

I say I encountered because I stumbled upon this symbol one afternoon whilst strolling in São Paulo, Brazil. I decided to go to an exhibition performed by Escher, a renowned graphic artist who created the most famous artistic representation of the Moebius Band. The symbol is very similar to the Lemniniscata, the symbol of the infinite, which represents the dynamic and rhythmic balance between two opposite poles..

The Moebius Band is an object that reflects magic.

A side, an edge and the idea of movement linked to a continuum that contains everything.
Unity and infinite coexist at the same time. We can imagine many perspectives and points of views within the band.

I think we could draw a parallel between the Moebius Band and human beings.

As human beings, when facing the same fact, we can also consider many perspectives and points of views. Our conclusions will depend on the place where we judge from.

The great challenge is to understand the subjectivity of our own point of view, that the map is not the territory, that in our lives we play different “roles” and that all of them are interconnected.
NGK coaching across cultures collaborates with individuals and companies so that through programs of coaching and tailored workshops they can expand their unique identity.

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